Paddle UK Services Login FAQs

Below you can find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Paddle UK Services Login. Subjects covered include an explanation of the Services Login and what you can access. You will also find login and registration help together with how to contact the technical team at Paddle UK should you have any difficulties. Return to the Register page here or the Login page here.

While most of our websites can be accessed without an account, they contain dedicated services and functions that require a login. The British Canoeing Services Login or BCSL is a single sign on (SSO) login for websites, services, and apps developed and run by British Canoeing. One login serves all websites. This means users don't have to log into separate websites when they visit them. Instead, one login through BCSL ensures you are logged into all sites. Members and non-members alike can create an account and access services. However, members will have access to services unavailable to non-members such as the Members Hub.

All new sites and services created by British Canoeing going forward will use the BCSL. We are in the process of updating our current sites. Those covered by the BCSL so far are:

  • Members Hub ( British Canoeing members can log into the Members Hub to access a wide range of services. This includes accessing voucher codes, 7-day tide times, 7-day weather forecast, and a copy of your membership card.
  • Go Paddling and Paddlepoints ( the BCSL allows users to leave comments, personal interest points, general points, and public and private routes on PaddlePoints. It also gives users access to advertise jobs, while allowing Delivery Partners to access their dashboards.
  • Paddles Up Training ( qualified and trainee coaches, leaders, and instructors can access a wide range of learning and guidance by using the BCSL to login. To access the Provider Resources area a Coach or Leader needs to have a valid On The Water membership and at least one relevant provider role. The more provider roles you have the more resources you can access. To access the forums you need as a minimum to have at least a free sign up membership with British Canoeing. Some forums require you to hold full National Association Membership and a provider role. For example, the Guide forum requires membership and for you to be a guide or working towards becoming a guide.
  • Clubhouse ( This is a private site for key volunteers at British Canoeing affiliated clubs. Roles able to access the Clubhouse include: Chair, Vice-Chair, Safeguarding Officer, and Finance Officer. It is NOT open to general club members.
  • We are working to soon add British Canoeing Awarding Body to this list.
  • We are also rebuilding the central British Canoeing website for late 2022. Once completed the site will also use the BCSL.

Please note, the BCSL does not cover the Azolve JustGo Membership system. This is a separate site to the Members Hub and requires its own login details. You will not automatically log into it when logging in to the BCSL. We advise you use a separate username and password for your BCSL account(s) and not your JustGo membership account details.

Use the Register page here. We ask for your name, a user name, email address, and password. If you are a British Canoeing, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Wales, or Canoe Association of Northern Ireland member you can link your account at registration. This will ensure you can access all relevant sites and services, such as coaching resources or the Member Hub. Please note, if you link your membership you will need to use the email address associated with your membership account for the BCSL account.

Simply choose the membership type from the drop down and enter your membership number and date of birth so we can verify who you are. When you click or tap register you will receive a PIN by email. You will need to enter the PIN when promted to activate your account. Once done you will be registered.

Use the login icon on our sites . You will be sent to the BCSL login page here. You will be sent back to the original site after logging in. If you start from the BCSL login page without coming from another site, the system will ask you what site you wish to visit first. This is because it is a single sign on for many sites and it doesn't know what site you want to visit. Choose the site you want and then go to the site logged in. You will also be logged into all others sites after doing this whether you visit them or not. Note that login asks for email address and not username. This is because you may have different user names on different sites.

To check which sites you have access to first log into your BCSL on the British Canoeing Services Login sign in page. Once logged in you will be redirected to the BCSL Status Page. From there you will be able to view the sites you can access as well as add available sites to your BCSL.

Yes, we keep your membership account separate to the BCSL. However, when you register we'll ask you to link your membership by entering your membership number, surname, and date of birth. This needs to match what is on your membership record. Once done you won't have to do it again. If you have already accessed the Members Hub then you will already have a BCSL.

Both members of British Canoeing, the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA), Canoe Wales, and CANI and non-members can create a BCSL. We ask you to link your membership so you can access online membership benefits not available to non-members. Rather than automatically linking your membership with your BCSL we offer you a choice. Some users may not want this option depending on their needs. However, note that if you do not have at least one BCSL account linked to your membership account you will not be able to access your online membership benefits. For example, only affiliated club volunteers with key roles can access the Clubhouse. If your membership account isn't linked we won't know you hold a key role and so you won't have access to vital information in the Clubhouse.

No you don't need to be a member but you will miss out on the great benefits of being a member. All our sites are open to access and any one can create a British Canoeing Services Login. The most popular reason is to create PaddlePoints or routes on Go Paddling. Members with a BCSL will be able to access content and services unavailable to non-members across our websites.

If you are logged into BCSL and visiting a website, that means you are also logged in to all websites in the BCSL family you have access to. If you log out of the website you are on you will automatically be logged out of all other websites and services. For example, if you are a coach in the Members Hub, log out, and then want to access learning materials in Paddles Up Training, you will need to log in again on Paddles Up Training.

When you visit a BCSL linked website for the first time after logging in you'll see a pop up with the words: "You are logged in. This site is part of your BCSL network". This is to let you know that you are logged into the network for security reasons. When you visit another site in the network for the first time during the same session, you will see the pop up again. This is to remind you that you are logged into a network and not just one site. If you share a device with anyone or use a public device please ensure you logout of your BCSL after each web session.

If you see an "Add to BCSL" button it means you have permissions to access a site but your BCSL has not yet been activated on that site. By pressing "Add to BCSL" you are telling the BCSL system that you would like to be able to log into that site. Once pressed your BCSL will be registered on the site allowing you to log into it. You only have to do this once.

Yes you can. If you log into your BCSL at you will be directed to the You Are Logged In Page. On that page scroll to the Your BCSL Status section. From there choose the Remove From BCSL button for the site you wish to remove. Please note that by doing this you will not be able to log into that site. To add the site to your BCSL again click the Add To BCSL button. For security purposes you will be asked to enter your password again when adding a site to your BCSL.

At the base of this page and on the login and register pages there is a live chat function titled Need Help? You can use this during the hours of 9.30am and 4.00pm to seek assistance. Outside of these hours, or if all operators are busy, you can leave a message for the support team who will get back to you the next day during the week, or on Monday if the message is left over the weekend.

Yes it does. It uses a mixture of cookies and encrypted tokens to log you in. We list these as necessary cookies in order to meet your demand for a service. Therefore, you cannot remove them by declining cookies through an individual site's cookie bar. Please note, if you have cookies turned off BCSL will not work. If you delete cookies when you close your browser, you will need to log in again.

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